16 September 2014

Book Report: Eyes on Nature Dangerous Creatures

 A Book Report by Olivia Davis

I just read an awesome book called Dangerous Creatures.  I liked it a lot.  One thing I learned is animals are not always what they seem.

One animal I learned about was a tiger.  Tigers are one of the very few cats that like to swim. Their stripes help them blend in with their surroundings.  They are very good at sneaking up on their prey.

I also learned about anacondas, a very long snake.  The average anaconda is 20 feet and weighs about 500 pounds.  The largest anaconda found was 28 feet long and weighs an astounding 1,100 pounds.  This huge snake could swallow a jaguar - whole!  Now that is one huge snake!

Another animal I learned about was the poison dart frog, also known as the poison arrow frog.  The native people of South America use the venom of the poison arrow frog's skin on darts and arrowheads for hunting.  The poison arrow frog carries its tadpoles on its back to a nearby pool where they grow.  One way to tell a poison arrow frog apart from other frogs is to look at their bright colors.

If you want to learn more about animals, I suggest you read this book.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I did not know that snakes could grow to be so big! Thank you for teaching me something new!


Auntie Kin Kin

Gani said...

I didn't know tigers like enjoy swimming. Very cool. Now I will say, "I swim like a tiger." People will know what I mean, if they read the book.