05 September 2014

NYC Day 7 - We Ended Up at Central Park

Admission:  I am writing this two days after it happened, and I can't even remember what we did in the morning...

It's that kind of crazy.

I think we had two appointments in Bed-Stuy, but both of them rescheduled to the weekend.  So we went into Manhattan with Nathan.  And ate lunch at the grocery store.

BUT!  I do know we ended up at Central Park.

Olivia saw a downy woodpecker.  You can just make out its silhouette on the tree, up by the leaves.

We decided to make it a project to visit every playground in Central Park.  We had already played in the one by Columbus Circle, at the southwest corner of the park.  This time, we chose the next one up on the west side of the park.

There was an older kids playground and one for little kids.  After playing in the big kid park for a while, we switched to the smaller one, so Eleanor could walk around without fear of being squashed by running children.

Eleanor thinks she is a climber:

On hot days (which seems to be all of the days since we've been here, the parks turn on their water features.  The baby park had two poles which created a lovely mist for the babies.

I think the girls enjoyed the baby park more than the other one - the energy was less frenetic.

The only hitch was on the way home.  Something about the craziness of New York sets me on edge, and my temper is much shorter.  I am working on it, but poor Elsie sure got an earful on the way home.  And had the temper fit to match.

It is Nathan's last day of orientation, so he should be home around midnight.

This weekend, we are going to try to see some more apartments together, and pinpoint some neighborhoods.

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