08 September 2014

NYC Day 10 - Bee Sting

This morning dawned beautiful and clear - the weather is glorious today!

I found an apartment online for $1500 in Inwood (northernmost tip of Manhattan) the other day, but when I called, was told that we couldn't make an appointment until after 8 AM on Monday.  So this morning I woke up Nathan and he called.  We were then told to call back after 9 AM, so we got ready for the day and called again.  We were rerouted to several extensions until we reached a person, and she and I set up an appointment this morning for 11 AM.

We tumbled out the door and onto the L train, and connected at the last stop on the L - 8th Ave/14th Street with the A line.  We rode it all the way to its end, too, and rushed up those stairs to find the address.

I had searched out this one online, and ascertained the address.  It was a 5th floor walk-up, which meant lots of stairs, but also a nice view, and it was backed up right against the park.  Which meant trees!  I was very excited!

I remembered halfway to it that I had left the phone number for the building super at home.  So I called the management company and reconnected with the broker, who was relieved to hear from me.  She asked if we were on our way yet and I told her we were standing outside the building.  She said that when she had called the super to make the appointment, he told her the place had already been rented.

That is how I felt.

We walked down to the little playground we liked so well and looked at more postings.  Nathan made several calls and a few appointments, but all for the next day.

Then we decided to eat.

We walked through Fort Tryon Park

which looks rather flat but is really very hilly.  It was so beautiful, and we needed a good dose of nature.

We ended up at a little restaurant called New Leaf, which sounded quaint, but was really very expensive.

But we needed a treat after our Charlie Brown morning.

So we went in and ordered some tasty food.  Elsie couldn't believe it, she was so happy!

After we ate (outside under the trees), Elsie asked to go look at the herb garden.  We continued eating when we heard a blood-curdling (I'm not joking - it was so loud and screechy!) scream, and Elsie rushes over to me.  She had been stung by a yellowjacket on her thumb.

Poor bunny.

Nathan took her to calm down, and the few people in the restaurant asked what happened.  I told them, and they all commiserated.  A first sting is no fun!  One of the ladies - a true New Yorker, in her mid-70s - came over after Elsie had returned and gave me a $5 bill, asking me to go get some ice cream for her, since she had been so brave.  Which brought on a new wave of tears from Else-face.  But she was thankful.

We left with a bag of ice from the kitchen and a little box of pastries that we hadn't finished and walked through more beauty to the train station, taking the A line downtown to connect with L again, and dropping Nathan off at Juilliard along the way.

We stumbled home and went straight into our room for a nap.

Tonight is Baha'i Feast at the Baha'i Center in Manhattan.  I am looking forward to seeing the friends there, and making new ones.  Maybe we can get some ideas for places to live, since Inwood doesn't seem to be working out.  It's hard to know when to persevere and when to give up.  I feel such a connection to the area - with its access to beautiful parks and reasonably affordable rent - but nothing seems to be working out.

We shall see.


Feast was wonderful.  Afterwards, a friend took us to a gelato place, where they sculpt your flavors to look like flowers.  It was a good day.

Ambroggio (chocolate hazelnut) & pistachio rose.

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