09 September 2014

NYC Day 11 - We Found a Place!

Today we are back in Inwood. 

We met up with a broker, who I found on the Bohemia Realty Group website (which my second cousin, Hannah, had recommended), and we found a few places in our budget in Inwood.
She responded promptly, and we had several places to see.

The first was 87 Post Avenue.

There were three units available, one each on the first, second, and fourth floors.  Two of them were identical, with three rooms (kitchen, living room, and bedroom - the bathroom doesn't count as a room), and the third (on the second floor) was a mirror image of the other two.  That one was our favorite, as it was not on the ground floor, but not too high, and it had a south-facing window in the living space, which is good for the winter months.

It wasn't too big, but it would fit us all.  And it was within our budget - $1550, heat and hot water included.

She had another property a few blocks south, which was bigger, and which had been recently remodeled to make it a 2-bedroom.  The landlord had made the original living room smaller, enlarging the entry to serve as a "living room," and the beautiful original inlay in the floor, such as the one pictured:

Photo courtesy of http://www.lakesidehardwoodflooring.com/
was not in line with the new walls.  Which grated my nerves.  The other finishes were nice, but I'm an old-fashioned girl in some respects, and I would have preferred an older look to a new polished one, especially is the new one isn't true to the original design.

But the bottom line was that is was too expensive - $1675, which is $25 more than our budget.  We could stretch to make it work, but then we wouldn't have any money for furniture.

We thanked our broker and walked toward Fort Tryon Park, which was only a block away.  We decided that we would put an application in for the less expensive one bedroom on the second floor.  It was smaller, but it was the nicest of the three cheaper options, and we would have fun in a little space.

We called the broker and she sent us the application, and we started compiling all the necessary information, while the girls played at one of the neighborhood playgrounds.

We were excited, but a little nervous, because what if we weren't approved?!?  We wouldn't know until a few days after the application had been submitted.

We came back home to Brooklyn and rested.  It had been a productive day.

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