10 September 2014

NYC Day 12 - The Waiting Game

Today, we aren't looking for an apartment.

Yesterday, we found one that we liked and decided to put in an application for it.

This morning, we are slow risers, not getting out of the house until after 11 AM.  We take the L train into Manhattan and connect with the A train uptown, to go to the FedEx Kinkos and print out the application.  There is more paperwork to fill out to rent an apartment in New York than it takes to buy a house in another part of the country.

We finally get all the "i"s dotted and the "t"s crossed, and signed and scanned and sent in via email, when our broker calls and says she forgot to tell us about another form we needed to fill out.  So we went back in, downloaded it, printed it out, signed it, and then Nathan left for school, while I proceeded to send it as an email attachment on the slow computers at FedEx.  It took me about 20 minutes, and the girls had all lost their tempers (so had I!) by the time I was able to send it off.

We walked over to our favorite Whole Foods, which had become our regular stomping grounds, to eat some lunch.  The store was raising money for the "Whole Kids" Foundation, which was aiming to work with schools to establish gardens and salad bars in public schools, by selling "make your own" sandwiches.

They were offering seven (7!) different kinds of nut butters, including chocolate hazelnut and speculoos cookie (I had never heard of that before), and several jams/jellies, and even marshmallows!

The girls each picked her own toppings.

Here is Olivia:

Her sandwich consisted of:

-White Bread
-Chocolate Hazelnut Spread
-Black Cherry Preserves
and it had the crusts cut off.

Here is Elsie:

Her sandwich consisted of:

-White Bread
-Speculoos Cookie Butter
-Strawberry Jam
she kept her crusts on, but ended up not eating them.

We ate our lunch and then went through the store again, because I had forgotten to buy diapers (the reason I went in the first place).

About this time, our broker emailed to let me know that she didn't get that final form, because it had been sent improperly.  I had left the original file on the computer at Kinkos, and it had been deleted when I signed off of the computer, so I had a battle with my phone to figure out how to get the document to her.  I finally called Nathan, who had a break in class at that time, to ask him to access it and forward it along.

Afterwards, we went over to Central Park to find a new playground.  We had already explored two of them, and so we walked all the way across the park to another one.  

This one was tucked away on the southeast side, near 67th Street.  It didn't have much for the baby to do, but it did have a slide coming down the hill, made entirely of granite.

So we played there for a long time.

Photo Courtesy of YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VYPdypGB_Q 
Then we went home, catching the 6 train downtown at 68th street.  We transferred to the L, and got off at our house.

It was a pretty calm evening, and we are just waiting to see what transpires.  I hope everything goes well, but I have a peculiar sensation that there will be some sort of complication.  Who knows?

We shall see!

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