08 February 2012

The Funnest Day Ever

Today might just be the funnest day ever.  Yes, Gramma, I do know that "funnest" is not a word, but today, being the funnest day ever, it is.

First of all, we are ALL - that means, including Daddy - going to Wonder Lab.  Nathan has never been to Wonder Lab, although the girls and I go every Wednesday, and the other day, Olivia was lamenting that fact that Daddy had to go to school all the time and never got to do anything fun.  Which was evidenced by his having never been to the wonders of wonders, Wonder Lab.

So - being that she is five and had some semi-teary eyes - Nathan agreed to switch his schedule up a bit and go with us today to Wonder Lab.

Fun #1.

Fun #2 is that tonight, we will be the gleeful recipients of not one, but TWO guinea pigs.  A good friend in the area recently adopted two sister cats and moved them in with her two guinea pigs.  Not into the same cage, mind you, but the same apartment.  And the cats are being predators and trying to paw (a.k.a. eat) the pigs, and the pigs are being prey and are in fear of their lives.  So she called me up and asked if we wanted the pigs.  With all the accoutrements.  How could I say no?  And so I consulted with Olivia, who almost cried with joy, and then made it contingent upon Nathan's approval.  And again, poor Nathan was greeted with an overly-excited child whose joy in life would be smashed into very tiny bits if he said no.  So he didn't.

Poor Daddy.  He is a little manipulated by his girls.  But he will be okay, I am sure.

Fun #3 is that we are planning a trip to California, prompted by several factors, the most influential being that we are getting a nice little tax return.  We are not ALL going (Nathan has to stay here and be a grad student and teach and learn and work - go figure), but the girls and I are, and we are taking the TRAIN.

I know you are so excited to read that, because you love trains as much as we do, so hold onto your seat when you hear that not only are we taking the TRAIN, but we are also SLEEPING on the train in a little SLEEPER CAR.

Holy cannoli. 

Olivia and Elsie - mostly Olivia - are so excited!  It also helps that good ol' Jim Henson's Dinosaur Train show has provided some positive reinforcement.  No, we won't be traveling through any time tunnels into the Jurassic or Cretaceous periods, but we will be going across the country, and that involves maps and double-decker trains and eating on a train and looking outside at all of the different scenery and all of the fun that happens.  On a TRAIN.

But that is another post.  Or another several posts.  Which will not happen now, because my small people are waking up and clamoring for food.