05 March 2004


I feel sort of silly, since I've not written for a while, but I wanted to do so since I have some time.

Today, I dropped a class. I realised last night, after an ineffective stint at homework, that I was feeling way too overwhelmed to be taking 18 hours. I thought that I'd be cool with it, but I recall being warned at orientation not to take a full load, since I would need a semester to acclimate to campus.

Very true!

I was almost ashamed to do so, since I felt that it signified that I wasn't a good student... but Nathan was really supposrtive and told me that it was insane to be taking so many hours (no offense to anyone who is doing so)!

My biggest worry about this is my graduation date. Since I am a semester behind Nathan, I will be graduating a semester later. I was hoping to catch up and then next summer, instead of finishing my classes, I could get myself oriented for Teach for America. BUT... if I don't graduate next Spring, I will have to wait an entire year before I can start my Teach for America orientation. And that will delay having kids (since Teach for America is a 2-year commitment). I'm not opposed to scrapping that idea, but I'm not sure then what to do.

As Nathan says, "we'll figure things out."

Okay, off to (one less) class!

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Jessica said...

YAY for Teach America! I've been thinking about doing that here in Wakpala - which is a place to think about doing your 2 yrs, maybe:) Pablo Nossa is wanting to do his 2 yrs for teach America here as well. YAY! I'm sorry you're worried about what to do:( Worry is no goodie.