08 March 2004

morning after

Last night, we had some of Nathan's classmates over for a "mocktail" party. It was fun and messy. Fun because they are goofy. Messy because we mixed juicy drinks, and things got a little out of hand. Now our kitchen floor is sticky.

But it was worth it!

Other than that, I am tired tired tired. Time seems to be going very slowly for me, which is good, since I have so much stuff to do. The worst part about being busy is that one forgets one's obligations until the night before or the day of. For instance, I am going to go read until I have to go to class at 9. And tonight, I've got to prepare for a meeting (which I missed last week).

Sometimes it feels like there is so much stuff to do that I don't even want t o start in on any of it, since I fell so far behind. I'd rather just curl up in a ball until things forget about me.

It was windy again yesterday and they are cutting branches (early) down the street.

Off to reading!

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