17 March 2004


So this morning it snowed again. Or, more accurately, it snowed last night, so when I awoke, all I noticed was the end product.

Last night I got a massage from our friend Nellie Farnsworth. She works at the Campus Massage Center here in Urbana and once when I went in to buy a gift certificate for Nathan, I decided to get a short one myself. She is really cool and nice and she invited us to come to church with her.

One thing that I like about having women as friends is that there is a deeper intimacy that can exist than with male friends (husbands excluded, of course!). Its similar to my views on the importance of having a female gynecologist - there are certain things that you can share only with other women: menstruation, childbirth, etc - all of the things that come with ovaries, I guess. And then there is the similar socialization which is a whole other aspect.

Anyhow, it was so wonderful to have a woman who knew her stuff advise me on what to do that night after the massage - to take my vitamins and drink plenty of water - I really felt assured, especially since we have a discourse - I like and trust her.

Another thing that made me happy was this: I've been feeling rather ill since this past weekend, and I've had a high waking temperature since about that time. I've gotten a cold sore, which is a sign of a low immune system, and I've been feeling rather nauseous. From my admittedly limited experience, these things point to a possible pregnancy (since I've already ovulated). SO I was worried with this when I went in to see Nellie last night and I mentioned it to her. Her reaction was so cool. She said, "well, if you are pregnant, in about three months you'll have to lay on your side for massages." Like water off a duck's back, as I told Nathan later that night. It was great - I was heavy with worry and she took it in such a different direction that I would have imagined! I felt much better, and it got my mind off of the worry.


SO today I'm sleepy and relaxed, and I've registered and turned in all my forms, so now all I have to do is relax and study this evening. Plus I have a date with Suzanne for coffee & chatting! Nice!


Jessica said...

Let us know about the pregnancy thing as soon as you know!!:)

I'll call you about the power of now. I was totally thinking of you when I posted that too ( I was like "Liz is gunna want to know more about this!"). But, I'd much rather tell you about it then type it all out. I think I have an issue with writing. It feels like serious work to me for some reason...when it's not flowing, which it usually isn't. Anyway, I'll call you after Wed. next week (when I get back from AIHEC). Love ya!

Sarah Enslow said...

I can`t imagine snow anymore...I miss it`s the beauty of it in the morining when you wake up and everything is fresh and crisp...but I`d rather stay warm in bed than put my feet on the cold floor...Anywho, I completly understand you`re feelings on getting a massage from a female and a friend...I was able to do that for a while and really miss it.

And deffinalty keep us posted on the pregnancy possibility!!!!

Mara said...

I miss my girlfriends... sigh. Actually, I have some here (go Mulan Spice :-)), but I suppose your writing gives me cravings for "home". Of course, what is home? I don't have one in the States anymore. It's funny to see Mark's name with my childhood address - as we're using my parents address as our US 'home address'. It's so much more about the people than it is about the physical place. I'm actually rather lucky - the woman from Tonga here has many fewer people who can relate to her culturally than I do, for instance, since there are a number of people at the Baha'i World Centre from North America.

I've been here eight months now... it's always about now that I get a serious itch to leave. We'll be visiting my older bro, Nathan in Scotland next month during Ridvan - yay! I can't wait! I love my bro and I love Edinburgh!