16 March 2004

it's snowing

Okay, first off, Corinne, don't be upset - I only left a few days between now and my past entry!

Secondly - today it's snowing!! Fluffy white stuff is sticking to the branches of the trees in our backyard.

Nathan slept in today (he accidentally turned the alarm clock off instead of to snozze) and he is now getting ready to go to his 10 o'clock class. I don't have any class until 12 Noon, and so I am catching up on reading and the like. I am trying to keep my head above water with my reading, which is much more than I've ever had to do. Luckily Spring Break is looming over this weekend, and so I can take refuge in its long hours and catch up then. Which is exactly why we aren't going anywhere but rather staying home. To take a BREAK!!

I found out last week that my Horn of Africa teacher is the #1 fellow in the nation when it comes to Ethiopia. He was out last week and the graduate student in charge told me so. You wouldn't think to look at him, especially since he is so unlike other "leading" professors - He's even written a book on the subject but doesn't require that we buy it - very cool and humble.

Other than that - not much is going on today. I register for classes this afternoon at 4.45 - this is for my summer classes. I will be taking Anthropology 230 (a cultural anthropology class), Field Botany (with a teacher that I had when I was at Parkland - she is the reason I want to take the class!), and a few other classes to facilitate my graduation time. I am still hung up on a language - I've not taken any foreign language since high school, but I either need to take 2 semesters of Latin (not my strongest suit) or 3 of German, or 4 of Spanish, which is what I really want to take, but don't have the time to do so if I want to graduate next May (which is the plan). So I think I'll be doing the Latin thing. I hope it's not too scary!

Okay - off to do something. Have a good day.


missmartha said...

who is teaching anth 230 this summer?

lizington said...

Who's teaching 230? I'm not sure - let me check...

Jill Wightman, a graduate student. Who did you have?