11 March 2004

let me tell you about caffeine

I love it. I love caffeine and late-night study sessions, but what really got me going tonight was a wonderful conversation with my friend Rachel. We were supposed to be studying, but of course we got to talking about love and spirituality and human rights and how although United Colours of Bennetton seem cool and diverse, thery still exploit women and children in third world countries.

And how we are going to change the world. We may not get it finished, but as a wonderful woman says, in the relay race of spiritual and social progress "we may not be the ones who hit the tape," but we are going to run as fast as we can!

And educate the children. Because, as Whitney Houston says, "children are the future." She knows what she's talking about there.

I love that I reconnected with that part of me that wants to grow and challenge age-old customs that aren't in line with the spiritual reality of things. To find the beauty in life - in the universe. To believe that even though the world is sore sick with tribulations that I can make a difference. That I am not merely food for worms. To shed that skin of cynicism and despondency to reveal my true loving self. My spiritual nature - that finds joy in the beauty of humanity - that loves everyone, regardless of physical limitations.

And Nathan bought me a CD by a wonderful talented woman who writes and arranges and produces and plays the piano and I am listening to his favourite song on it and I am feeling love from the universe.

I am a bit nuts, I suppose, but I am feeling so in love with everything. Like I'm afloat on a warm sea, and am merely following the bobbing of the waves - I am warm and loved and confortable, and at peace with things. But not to the point of complacency of course.

It's time to get things done! To see the nobility in everyone, even the grumpy people; to rid myself of the jealousy monkey (Katie - is the jealousy monkey a member of the Catarrhine clade?); to fall in love with the mystical side of things; to transform the world.

Ah yes - I love this feeling. I must remember it and return to it when I'm a grumple myself.

So take a minute. Think of a wonderful uplifting song that you love. Go and put it on. Think of the people you love and who love you. Think of your ancestors and of your great great grandchildren. Think of the love that is even now emanating from the spiritual realms, and just be with that. Tap into it. Let it fill you and realise that even if you're in a rut, you're growing and you're loved.

I love you!


Katie said...

i don't know what clade the jealousy monkey belongs to, it's debatable. it has many synapomorphic features that would suggest Cattarhine, but it's dental formula is symplesiomorphic with Strepsirrhine primates. Either way, it's a sucka to get rid of. glad to hear you had another "study" night! i just saw your sweetie in his play. way to master the nigerian accent!

missmartha said...

i am in a rut, growing and loved. it is so great to take a moment to be so in love with everything. I liked reading about you floating through that whole emotion.