05 March 2004

charging leaves

Today, herds of leaves are charging all over the place. I got leafed in the face.

It is really windy!

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Bahiyyih said...

Yeah, it was crazy windy Friday. The girls and I decided that we would go out and buy a kite and fly it, but when we got out there, the wind was so strong that I got a bunch of string cuts (like paper cuts, but with a much duller edge, yeouch!) and then the string actually broke because the wind snapped the kite so fast. It was a little scary for little kids, but they took it well and we played in the nature center instead. We saw that our friends the bees are starting to wiggle around. They know spring is coming. And I've heard all these birds singing, and robins and mourning doves hanging out by our house, and little tulip and daffodil shoots are making their way to the sun. Spring is here, and it's such a relief. I feel like all the dead grass and like the little shoots of new grass coming up all around and between it- all rolled into one.