17 February 2004

A pinch of pollen

The Navajo have a tradition where they wake up just before dawn and greet the rising sun with a pinch of pollen (a sacred pinch). At least that's what I've read. Either way, it's a lovely idea: greet the new day with love and thanks for being alive to move around in it.

So today, rather than stress about my upcoming test (which I plumb forgot about), I will greet it as a challenge with joy, since I am alive in this Day!

It sort of goes back to the idea of "women's work" being trivial. In the same way, I've allowed myself to forget about the joy of little things (like appreciating the thrill of a challenge - how can I fit all of this information into my brain in only 2 hours?).

I love to rediscover things and find the common Thread in everything! For instance - this morning I went to fish some raspberries out of my refrigerator and found that they had all turned fuzzy and white - two days ago, they were fine! However, I am absolutely thrilled because that means that there is life everywhere! My refrigerator is the host of a community of life! How cool is that?

Maybe I'm sounding nuts, but I love the possibility that the sun shining through my eastern windows brings. A new Day. New possibilities - new life!

Good morning!


It's also very comforting in this time of global chaos. People spouting off conspiracy theories, and end-of-the world stories. I don't mean to discount the real crises, or to turn a blind eye. However, I have chosen this path that I am on knowing that in time, I will be able to address those challenges that I can (like, wouldn't it be cool to go to South Africa and work with youth there?). I'm not going to beat myself up for not being able to save the world right now. My circle of influence isn't that big. So I will do the things I can do - like educate myself - and then I will hack away at the world's problems in my own way...

Right now, I'm going to try and reconnect with the divine within myself, so that I can be ready for action when I need to be.

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MommaD said...

Hi Liz! Thank you for inviting me to drop in on your thoughts! The struggle for self discovery, appreciation of who we are as women continues...as long as we are arising and struggling we'll be fine. Our wings will grow strong and beautiful through the challenge.
Love you!
Momma Davis