23 February 2004

Mr. Rogers

Today, Bahiyyih wrote about Mr. Rogers. And that got me thinking about Mr. Rogers' Neighbourhood, and how I loved it! And then I figured out a cool thing! Want to hear? Read on!

I love trains. I love the idea of them - they are fun and rolley and they have tracks so they don't crash. Well, not often. And I want to go on a train for Spring Break. Not just a Metra or subway train, but a full-fledged train with a dining car and a sleeper car and all the bells and whistles that go along with it!

And I realised that part of this love of trains comes from Mr. Rogers. Do you remember how Trolley (with his fun theme song) would take us to the Neighbourhood of Make-believe? Well, that was about my favourite part in the whole show. I didn't like it when we got to the Neighbourhood of Make-believe any other way. I didn't like the little models that Mr. Rogers would take out of the cupboard in the kitchen, or once when we went out to the sandbox - I didn't like that, either. I liked Trolley. Trolley and the tunnel. Maybe that's why I like tunnels, too...

So - hooray for trains! They make February funner!


Mara said...

Okay, so I'm really responding to earlier comments about babies, but... I want to make sure you read it (aren't I ... I don't know what?).

Anyway, sigh... babies. It's amazing the emotions we have about babies before they even are conceived, no? I remember when I was first married, and living very far away from Mark. I had some freaky baby dreams. Of course, it didn't help that one of my best friends had a one year old, and I visited them every week for several days each week.

Recently, when we decided to come to serve at the Baha'i World Centre, I agreed to not have children for the next 2 years - so that I could work. It's amazing. My "biological clock" was suddenly turned into a time bomb. I am slowly ticking - I think I'll explode in two years! Sometimes, it feels like I'm going to go insane waiting for children. Like one day I'll just wake up insane because I've waited too long to have kids.

Of course, the balance to that is that I have a really cool job at the Baha'i World Centre. I don't think I ever really contemplated before the struggle between being a mom and having a career...

Joe said...

I like trains too. Mr. Rogers was always so happy. Can you tell I don't ahve my thoughts as well organized as my sister? I bet you can. Even though I don't ever bet in real life... Journals are sweet, especially when they are written by intelligent and deepened individuals. I'm happy I get to see whats going on in my sisters life! Um, I'm done now!