15 February 2004


I ate four cookies before I went to sleep and I had a most interesting dream.

I dreamt that there were only a few people left alive, and that one of them was responsible for killing everyone else. He was a king or something. Anyhow, the other people found him and were deciding what to do with him. So I put him in a pillowcase and slid him around the room, picking up the dust that everyone was leaving (we were all cleaning this particular room while deciding what to do).

After we were finished cleaning, we all decided that we should each move back into the town (we were in the country) and that this king should stay alive (he was pleading with us not to kill him) but live in the country. He apparantly did not like this - he wanted to live in the town, and so he cited a law that stated if a family had two or more people, hey should have more space, and suggested that Nathan and I move into the country.

I think I woke up about then, but the dream had me thinking along the lines of the familiar Armeageddon idea: everyone in the world is gone except a handful of people. What do you do?

Then I was thinking about all of the conveniences that would be gone, like electricity, etc. Where would we go? Then I got thinking crafty thoughts, and planning out how we would manage to survive. It would fun - sort of a Robinson Crusoe adventure. Solar panels and geothermic heating and gardening and I would have a goat.

By that time, I had completely shaken off all of the sleep and was a bit more reasonable, but it was an interesting thought nonetheless.

I like the idea of roughin' it - but only if I have to. I still struggle with camping sometimes, especially when there's a warm motel nearby. With a pool.


Jessica said...

Goats rock! Seriously. Did you know that fresh goat's milk is THE most nutritious food on the face of the planet (besides mother's milk)? And this is the best part, it has no lactose, so you don't have to worry about mucus in your head or your gut...YAY! Ew, that sounded gross. I love you! Hell yea goats!

lizington said...

Really? I didn't know about that no-lactose bit! That's so cool!! I really want a goat now!

nathonius said...

Well I for one DON'T WANT A GOAT!!!

But I do want a llama.
It's not that I think goats are inherently bad or anything, but the one goat that I actually remember clearly was a jerk. He sat on the front porch of this house and attacked everyone that came near.
He was a guard goat. But he didn't bark, he just stomped around and attacked.

A barking goat would be scary.

lizington said...

Not to drag this out any longer than it needs to be, but the barking goat reminded me of a writing assignment that I did when I was in primary school. I think the topic was Thanksgiving and related items so I chose to write about turkeys.

First of all, I drew a picture of turkey in the upper half of the page (the kind with the blue lines on the bottom to help you with your letter formation). Then I wrote the following text (or something akin to it):

"Turkeys are a part of Thanksgiving.
Turkeys don't bark.
One day, I heard turkeys barking."