19 February 2004


Today, I had a wonderful time being married. Not that I don't most times, but I really was able to sit back and appreciate it.

Nathan and I are taking a class together - it is called "Chinese Thought from Confucius to Mao." We have it Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3.00-4.20 PM. For me, it comes after three other classes, so thank goodness that it's interesting, otherwise I'd fall asleep.

Today, as usual, we wrote notes to each other in between taking notes from the lecture. I asked Nathan if he wanted to go out to eat with me afterwards (usually, he is so busy with drilling - for his Speech for the American stage class - or rehearsal that we have to rush right over to Krannert Centre - the performing arts school - where he practically lives). After a little more discourse, we decided to go to a yummy Indian restaurant.

So we walked there (it is on Green Street - the main strip near campus) and found that we had a bit of time to kill before they opened for dinner. So then we just walked around and chatted, and ran a few errands. Then we went and ate yummy vegetarian food (did I mention we've become veggheads?) before taking the bus and walking home. All in all, it was a pleasant time.

The reason that I am enjoying being married in particular today is because, contrary to popular belief, students have practically NO time to spare (if they are doing what they are supposed to be doing - namely, studying) outside of school work. And married students (like us) are therefore left with the really early hours of the morning and the late late hours at night to spend together. Unfortunately, I am a morning person and Nathan's a night owl, and so we are really left with only sleepy acknowledgements of one another before rolling over and drooling on the pillow.

Today, though, we were able to just walk and talk and be together - to share the rather mundane things that make up our daily lives. However, it was far from mundane - it was a fun and relaxing evening! Being married is such a blessing.

Now off to homework!!

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