16 December 2011


I love eggs.

There's no doubt about it - even if I have two dozen in the refrigerator, if I see an interesting dozen at the grocery (our local Big Girl Chickens sells theirs with green ones!), I'll buy it.  Then I'll sit and think of ways to use them.

The egg spectrum, as manifested in my refrigerator...

My favorite eggs are from happy chickens.  That may be a bit anthropomorphic, but what I mean are chickens who are allowed to be chicken-y.  Scratch around for bugs and seeds.  Run around and squawk at each other.  Go outside in the sun or stay cozy in the shade at their leisure.

My favorite chickens live in Berea, Kentucky.  My friend Jessica tends them as part of her work at college.  When the girls and I went to visit earlier this fall, we got to meet them.  And pet them.  And buy two dozen of their eggs.  The yolks were literally orange, they were that full of vitamin A.  These chickies could eat grass and be in the sun.  And their eggs were that much more nutritious.  Without any sort of human intervention, like adding Omega-3s to their food or whatever.

Aside from the eating part is the fact that eggs hold so much potential.  They, given the proper conditions, could grow into another living thing.

So here's a little photo ode to eggs.  Glory in their perfection, in all its forms!

It's like the Italian flag.  In egg form.
I love speckled ones!

Can you find the tiny feather?

From long and skinny to fat fat fat.
So the next time you scramble, fry, poach, coddle, or whisk your eggs into another wonderful dish, take a moment to appreciate them. 

And the chicken who made them.  

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Mom said...

You take such excellent pictures sweetie.