05 December 2011

Dolly Days

Today, we decided to make some dollies.

Inspired by a friend's sweet dolly, courtesy of Warm Sugar on Etsy:

You can purchase these gorgeous little handmade dolls here.

We, however, wanted to do it ourselves, and make them just how we want them, and so we went to the fabric store to get some people colors.  Here's what we found:

Beige for mama, Caramel for Olivia, and Cocoa for Elsie
We made up a little pattern:

Head/torso, leg, & arm
We cut out our pieces:

And sewed and stuffed.

We aren't done yet, but my eyes and hands are tired.  Here's a little preview of what we've done so far (in the terrible overhead light):

Don't worry - tomorrow, with some more stuffing, finished faces, and better lighting, they'll look much more glamorous.
But for now, goodnite!


n+m reyhani said...

love love love love love!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh wonderful! Then you can tell stories and have them have adventures and draw pictures and write stories!
(Can you tell I'm a 1st grade teacher?) I love what you are doing with your darling girls.