06 December 2011

Dolly Days, part 2

A friend asked for a tutorial on how to make the sweet little dollies that we did.

I must admit it was definitely a learning curve - a.k.a. wonderful puzzle - that I enjoyed trying to figure out how to do.  And, to make it seem more "official," I took photos of the process, and so I'll be making a little tutorial on how we made ours (and how you can make one, too).  Look soon for that.

But there I go putting the cart before the horse.  First, I wanted to give you a little (almost) done peek at the dollies.  Granted, this is before they had faces or clothes, but you get the picture.  (note: Gramma, if you click on the picture, it should open in a new window and be a little easier to see!)

They still don't have clothes, but at least they can see now.  And smell and talk.  And of course, notice the little ears - that was Olivia's request, because everyone should have the opportunity to hear, if at all possible.


More soon, but I've got another post itching at my brain, and I need to type it out before it goes somewhere else and I forget altogether.

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