04 February 2010


Boneless is a great attribute for a chicken breast, but people??

Olivia told us last night about a boneless friend of hers, whom we hadn't met.  Here's a brief description, gleaned from the little bits of info that we could extract from a sleepy three year-old:

She was light pink
She was tall as the ceiling
She had no bones (of course)
How old was she?  What comes after five?  I don't know!

They had met at IKEA's playplace, and Olivia had held her hand when they jumped in the ball pit.  But that's all we'll probably ever know about Olivia's boneless friend.

But the best part was the song that Nathan came up with to commemorate the discussion:

"Bone people and no-bone people,
Bone people and no-bone people (people, people...)"

1 comment:

Dena said...

hilarious! when i stopped by last night, nate was trying to get olivia to tell me her story about her "friend". but olivia was being silly and didn't want to cooperate :)

thanks for sharing!