06 February 2010

Elsie Walks

Second children have it tough.  Not only must they split family time with their siblings, but the amount of photos and videos of them pales in comparison to the number of videos of the first child.  While baby #1 benefited from a mom who had two hands solely for her, and a camera always on the ready - and has photo documentation of her first everything, including first potty time - baby #2's photo collection is a compilation of hit or miss "firsts" that a tired mommy has pieced together through the melee of video and photo clips gleaned when she remembers to record them.

Elsie's been walking for weeks.  She officially started on her first birthday, but preferred crawling as the safer way to travel.  Little by little, however, she's walked through the house, practising at first, and walking more and more as she becomes more assured in her feet.  She's even added on carrying things in her fat little fists to Mommy and Daddy and Olivia with pride.

Here is an earlier video of her walking, taken a few weeks ago.  As you can see, they aren't her first steps, but we'll say they're close.  I can't even tell you the exact date, so I'm glad that my camera records that automatically for me.  February 5 - I even checked!  Enjoy!!

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