04 February 2010

Something About Elsie

I had a great little anecdote about my one year-old flitting about in my brain last night as I drifted off to sleep.  I can't remember it all now, though.  Of course.  Some things stick in my brain pretty well, but other things just fall out of my ear while I sleep, I suppose.

We have been watching a friend's son recently, as his dad has started a great new job working weekdays.  We watch Ma'ani Tuesday through Friday, from about 11 to 5:30 or so, depending on the car situation (i.e. who's got the car and the accompanying car seats?).  So now we have three children - a one year-old, a two year-old, and a three year-old going on twenty.  Ma'ani has been adjusting pretty well, considering that he is an only child most of the time and has only recently be thrust into middle-child-ness.  He absolutely adores Olivia, whom he calls "Eeah," and follows her around and says cute little things like "Be back, Eeah!  Be back!" when she gets too far ahead.

But he and Elsie are enemies - arch enemies.  At least Ma'ani thinks so.  Elsie loves him and follows him around and grabs his hair and tries to roll on him and hold his hand.  All of which are sure signs of a one year-old's loving adoration.  But that can't be explained in words to a two year-old.  Ma'ani is constantly on the defense, and spurns Miss Elsie's advances unflinchingly.  His favorite catch phrases in relation to Elsie are "No, no, no!" and "That's Ma'ani's!"  Anything Elsie does elicits this response:

Elsie touches Ma'ani's coat
"No, no, no - that's Ma'ani's coat!"
Elsie walks over to the refrigerator (where Ma'ani and Olivia are playing)
"No, Baby Elsie - that's Ma'ani's [refrigerator?]!"
Elsie points at Ma'ani
"No, no, no - that's Ma'ani!"

Poor Ma'ani.  I suppose he'll eventually get used to not being the littlest anymore.  I'm not quite certain how to acclimate him to the new situation, and remain aware and fair to the needs of the girls as well.  It's a tricky balancing act, and I suppose time will help iron things out.  If only Ma'ani weren't so afraid of contact with Elsie - which on one hand is cute but on the other is unavoidable!

I mentioned this perplexity to my friend, Corinne, saying that Ma'ani is afraid that Elsie is out to get him.

To which she replied, "because she is."

Oh, well.


Sholeh said...

ADORABLE! and Corinne's comment made me laugh, especially because I can totally imagine her tone of voice as she said that.

Dena said...

oh...my dear nephew! we have to work on him :) and poor elsie!!
it's nice to hear stories of the kids about the goings-on of the day (since i'm at work).

thank you, liz, for being so patient and so insightful when it comes to the little ones.
and i agree with sholeh..corinne's response is priceless!

Verena said...

i agree.. its really nice to read these little stories..im not a mother nor close to being one but its nice to hear whats going on in your live Liz