11 February 2010

Family Portrait

We haven't had a photo as a couple or a family portrait in a while, so when our AWESOME friend, Kutuh (a.k.a. Jessica Gaines, Health Counselor Extraordinnaire) came over, we played photo shoot.

I'm used to being behind the camera, so catching me was a bit of a chore at first:

Then it was difficult to get me to act seriously:

I eventually settled down for a nice husband/wife shot:

We were even able to add the kids into the mix:

But then we started acting up again:

As you can see by this last shot, Elsie plainly thinks we're crazy.  She is probably right now wondering what kind of family she got herself born into...

But at least we're happy! : )

1 comment:

Verena said...

Im becoming a frequenter on your blog.. nice pics! Funny - Liz you do look like you did in wildfire.. or if you would have given me a picture then of your future family i would totally have believed this was it. ok how random is this comment. X