19 January 2010


Olivia loves snowpants.  Any time snow is spotted outside, the perfunctory question is "can I wear my snowpants?"  When we were in Ohio over the holidays, Olivia had a perfect day, comprised of beautiful snow, sled pulling with Elsie, and, of course, snowpants.  Here's how it went:

Morning Snow

Shoveling the Walk

Going for a Ride

The Stream

Great-Gramma Betty's Magical Backyard



Sled Time

I love watching snow through the eyes of my children.  The grace of its journey to the earth, the way it transforms the drabness of bare branches into a silvery cobweb, the pairing of soft and cold.  Really, the only reason grownups don't like it is because they have a harder time going places.  Well, maybe we could just stand still.  For once!


Kaber said...

looks like a great trip and a wonderful snow day!
(my boys liked to slide the the stairs in their snow pants)

katjandu said...

I want to go to Great Grandma Betty's magical back yard in the snow. How enchanting. Elsie's eyes remind me of your dad's. You have a wonderful way with words, I was there with you all because of them.