20 October 2014

Smartwool & Socktober

Olivia wrote an email to Smartwool.  We are hoping they will send some socks.  Here it is:


Dear Smartwool,
My name is Olivia Davis and I am 8 years old.  I was wondering if you could donate some socks for Socktober.
Socktober is when everyone helps homeless people.  It's called Socktober because homeless people need warm socks in the winter time.
I hear you make very good socks that keep feet dry.  (They are my mom's favorite!)  I think that your socks would be very useful.
I live in New York and there are a lot of homeless people.  I want to help them.

I hope you can send some socks.

Thank you,
Olivia Davis


If you know anybody at Smartwool, put a little bug in their ear.

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