22 October 2014

Hiccups Survey

I wanted to know the different ways that people cured hiccups.  So I asked my mom to post the question on Facebook.  There were more than 50 replies!

My hypothesis was that drinking water from the wrong end of a glass is most popular.

According to my graph, I was correct.  Twelve people answered "drink water from the wrong end of glass."

Here is the graph of my results:

The number one answer was "drink water from the wrong end."  Here are the other answers, in order:

2.  Hold your breath
3.  Drink water
4.  Do deep breaths
5.  Spoon full of sugar/honey
6.  Drink water AND hold breath
7.  Nothing
8.  Being scared
9.  Eat peanut butter
10.  Plug ears and nose and drink water
11.  Other

The "other" list included:

1.  Do a headstand
2.  Poke tummy
3.  Put the hiccups in a paper bag
4.  Drink water with a metal fork in it
5.  Focus on relaxing
6.  Put cotton on your forehead
7.  Put a straw in the air and a straw in the glass of water and drink both at the same time
8.  Burp
9.  Think of ten bald med (adults)
10.  Ask someone what they had for dinner last night
11.  Nurse (baby)
12.   Drink water then hang upside down
13.  Warm socks (wear them, I guess?)
14.  Medicine - laudanum

Thank you to everyone who replied.


Janie said...

The sugar thing really works! You have to put a spoon of sugar in your mouth and hold it there until it dissolves completely, then swallow it. :-P

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia! I hold my breath for as long as I can, then let it out SLOWLY. Then I begin to breathe again, but very slowly.This helps the diaphram relax, and so the spasms (hiccups) stop! :)