01 April 2010

PLAYCATION, here we come!

So we're off!  To Chicago, that is.  Which is twenty miles away.  Only.

If you're walking, that is certainly a long way.

But we are not walking - we are riding on the train - the "L" - to downtown Chicago for a vacation.  For two days and two nights.  Brilliant!

It all started when Nathan took a week to write in the woods - on a farm, more accurately - so to make more headway on his play, which he did.  Hooray!  But a week sans husband and plus three children (my two plus the sweet Ma'ani, whom we watch during the day) made my head spin.  Where would my beloved and neglected personal time go?  What about Family Day (Saturday)?  So I bargained.  We would completely support this sabbatical if we got a vacation in return.  I would have supported it anyway, dear reader, but this felt more just.

Because Nathan couldn't take more time off of work, we decided to go on his weekend, which is Friday & Saturday.  And so I began to plan.  We had some free tickets to the Aquarium... There is a new Family Room at the Chicago Art Institute...  I work in the hotel business, so I could call some favors in there...  It all began to take shape, and was helped along by a little "map" I made one night for Olivia, so she would know what to expect.  I'll find that and upload it a little later, but here's the shake-down:

Family -->
Early Brekke -->
Train -->
Hotel (early check-in @ 8 AM!) -->
Aquarium -->
Luncheon -->
Hotel (rest time) -->
Supper -->
Hotel again for Sleep -->
Sleep/Wake -->
Room Service! -->
Art Museum -->
Drop-in Class for Olivia (free!) -->
Lunch/Dinner @ Russian Tea Time -->
Play at the park or Rest at Hotel -->
Tea/Supper -->
Hotel again for Sleeping -->
Sleep/Waking -->
Early Train -->
House of Worship for Nathan, Home for We3 girls

I'm ready.  No dishes and all family.  FUN!

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kari said...

Sweet! Chicago is a great vacation destination, even when you live here! Have fun!