08 April 2010


A friend of ours, Sholeh Loehle, took this photo of Miss Elsie the other day, as I was working on sewing some curtains for Foundation Hall in the Baha'i House of Worship.  Elsie & Olivia were amusing themselves and playing with their "Uncle" Henry, who had contracted me to do the work.  He played with the girls while I sewed away.  It was a nice trade-off.

This photo was published on the site "Nineteen Months," which is a Baha'i-inspired photo site that each (Baha'i) month, publishes photos that reflect the attribute associated with that month.  (In the Baha'i calendar, each month is named after an attribute of God.  There are nineteen months in the Baha'i year.)  This month's theme is "Glory" (Jalal, in the original Arabic).



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