30 April 2010


We have a community garden plot!  Hooray!!

If you've been reading our admittedly sparse entries recently, you may have guessed that we were in search of a little bit of land in which to plant all manner of exciting things.  After two whole years on the waiting list, we were finally offered a plot in Evanston's Community Garden Program this year.  It's half a plot (200 sq. ft.) and it's our very own:

So we have started weeding and planning and have even planted a row of sunflowers.

Olivia loves digging and planting and Elsie, it turns out, loves dirt.  Eating it, that is.  The other evening, we popped over to the garden for a spot of weeding.  I had bought a little yellow spade for Elsie, and she seemed really excited about it - in fact, I didn't really hear a peep out of her, and could see out of the corner of my eye (as I was viciously attacking dandelions), that she was playing contentedly.

I redoubled my weeding onslaught and looked up only to see my one year-old with a muddy face.  She had been using the spade as a spoon to shovel (literally) dirt into her mouth.

She had also taken a minute to rub her eye, and thus looked a bit raccoonish, with a dirt smudge over her eyebrow.

Olivia thought it was hilarious.

It was.  Dirty, but hilarious.


Anonymous said...

bahiyyih here: Contratulations! That's great! This is my first year too and it's so exciting! Go go growers!

Dena said...

Here's to community gardens!! Yay for you :)

hayleymaree said...

I just started growing some strawberries and some basil... on our balcony... to have a garden would be so exciting!! We will have to live vicariously through you for now.

I remember my brother eating sand on his first birthday. Dirty, but hilarious.