20 September 2009

Zoobilee Zoo

Do you remember this show?  For some reason, the theme song to this PBS kid's show is forever etched in my brain.  I can't remember my phone number sometimes, but I can recall this tinny song:

"Zoobilee Zoo, Zoobilee Zoo,
Magic and wonder are waiting for you..."

We actually went to a real zoo yesterday - the Chicago Public Library and neighboring suburban libraries are participating in a Museum Pass program, which allows cardholders to "check out" a free pass for a week to several area museums & parks.  We got two free admissions to the Brookfield Zoo - Elsie was free, so we used the passes for the grown-ups (Nathan and me) and paid only $8 for Olivia.  What a steal!  Right?

Elsie with the goats & later eating pizza with daddy (she washed her hands first, folks).

Olivia the fish & later watching fish.

Unfortunately not.  The zoo, like any other theme park, it would seem, found ways to nickel and dime us.  We spent over $60 (I haven't had the guts to look at the actual receipts) for food ($15 for three hot dogs and 20 fries -  that is, twenty french fries, not twenty orders of french fries - which, by the way, I dropped all over the floor) on two meals, two carousel rides, and admission into the Children's Zoo.  And we didn't see the dolphins or go into the Play Zoo (which is different than the Children's Zoo) or ride the tram or go into the butterfly area or see the dinosaur exhibit.

But, nevertheless, it was fun!  The weather was perfect, we were all together, I was only grumpy once, and Olivia talked to the animals.

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Mara Noelle said...

Wow. I haven't thought of Zoobilee Zoo in a Looooong time. Song (and that wavy hand dance) now etched back in my brain, too! Ha!

Come visit Columbus! We have passes to our very fine zoo which includes two free guests. We'll pack lunches :-)