16 September 2009

Bonita Applebum

Okay, so maybe the song by A Tribe Called Quest isn't the most appropriate reference, but I think of Bonita being a beautiful little girl with apple cheeks - on her face.  Like my babies.

This past weekend, we had an AMAZING trip to Michigan, where we visited a FANTASTIC ORGANIC FARM (which I will write more about later), and also stopped by to pick apples at a little organic orchard, called Tower Hill Orchard, owned by a couple from Chicago who are moving out to the country.

(our hostess driving away on her John Deere)

While Olivia slept, Elsie played, and Nathan relaxed, I picked six (6) pecks of apples.

(this is a Jonagold)

I think Nathan especially enjoyed the peace.

(can you see his legs?)

And my littlest one ate her first baby apple.

(that's what teeth are for)

She's been rolling in them ever since.  Her newest favorite game is to crawl over to wherever I've moved the bags of apples to get them away from her, sit on her bottom, and peer inside one of the bags. 

Then, she spies an apple she wants, picks it up with her fat little hand, and tries to chew on it.  Regardless of the success of this exercise, the apple almost always ends up rolling away from her.  She crawls after it, and rolls it some more until she tires of this game and crawls away somewhere else.  I've got apples all over the house now!

But how can I complain?!?

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Kaber said...

what a lovely trip! I am sad to be miss the Apple Picking with the homeschool group. We'll have to go on our I guess.