12 September 2009

Little By Little

Our dear friend, Laura Harley, is an AMAZING life coach and musician who lives in the Twin Cities in Minnesota.  She came to Chicago earlier this summer to do a little workshop on spiritual growth, in which she shared some of her music.  One of the songs, called "Little By Little," Olivia really took to, as it had hand motions that accompanied it (Olivia loves hand motions) (and so do I!).  In fact, when I was singing it (out of the blue) this morning, Olivia remembered those same motions, which I myself had forgotten!!

Kismet, I suppose, as this evening I checked my email and found a free download of this same song from Laura.  I was able to download the song to our computer and play it for the girls as we ate dinner - Olivia, a grilled cheese sandwich & grapes, and Elsie, bread & 1/2 a grape.  Delicious!

Here's a clip of our little music video, complete with the hand motions.  Enjoy!

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kari said...

oh my gosh. did Laura see this?