06 June 2009

They're called carnitas!

Just a quick post of two funny things:

1. We received in the mail a package from my brother & his talented photographer friend person girl sweetie (I never know what to call people in relationships - "girlfriend" seems so high school). In it was a sweet photo album full of photos Jessica (the aforementioned sweetie) had taken during our recent trip to Ohio. Olivia immediately claimed it as hers, attracted at first to the pink ribbon & bow on the front, but most strongly to the pictures inside. And, as a testament to how much time I spend on the internet, she lovingly calls it her "Facebook." Oy veh!

2. This morning, as I silently prance around the house getting ready for the day whilst my tired family sleeps soundly away, I overhear Miss Olivia talking in her sleep. I walk into the bedroom to see if she needs attention just in time to hear her say, in a rather firm tone, "They're called carnitas!" Somebody just got told.

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