07 June 2009


If you're familiar at all with Craigslist, then you may have heard of Freecycle. Both are networks at which you can seek & find everyday items - with Craigslist, you can buy & sell, but with Freecycle, everything has to be free. You can offer a free item or post a wanted ad for something you'd like. Of course, there is no guarantee that anyone will offer you that (I recently saw an ad lookin for 3-4 Cubs tickets, which, if I know my Chicagoans, will be hard to part from), but it's a pretty fun time, either way.

The other day, I was making a health plan for myself, and I decided that it would be a good idea to get a bike trailer to tote the tots in. I feel silly going to the grocery store (which is 4 blocks away ) or the beach (10 blocks) in the car, especially on beautiful days!

So I posted on our local Freecycle and here is the fruit:

I don't think I'm going to keep Elsie in it yet, as we've just picked up a seat for her that sits on the bike itself, but Olivia loves it, as you can see! Now all we need are helmets!

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Leila said...

You know, I LOVE freecycle. And I've also been looking for a trailer like the one you guys just got. I'm thinking maybe next spring for us. I hope you enjoy riding around! woohoo