11 June 2009

MY Neighbor Totoro

It seems we have a new neighbor. Or at least, I do.

A few months ago, while searching around for ways to sell the excitement of a new sister to Olivia, we came across Hayao Miyazaki's amazing film My Neighbor Totoro. It is the story of the big sister Satsuki ("sat-ski") and her little sister Mei ("may") and their adventures with the forest spirit Totoro, which resembles a big round mouse-bunny. Here is a picture of Totoro:

It's a great film - beautiful & quiet with only a little benign peril - and it's about sisters! Woot!

It seems that at the beginning, there was some confusion about the title - "My Neighbor Totoro" - which, as I was usually the one introducing it, Olivia interpreted as "Mommy's Neighbor Totoro." So now, whenever she asks to watch it, she says, "Mommy, can I watch your neighbor?"

This wonderful film has also found its way into my three year-old's imagination. First of all, she likes to pretend she can speak Japanese (we watch it in the original language). But, more frequently, she likes to pretend to be in the movie. She is the big sister, Satsuki. Elsie is Mei. Nathan is, of course, Totoro. And who am I, you ask? Well, I will tell you.

I AM CATBUS!!!!!!!Catbus is the yowly favorite transportation of Totoro, who comes whenever Totoro bellows. Catbus takes Satsuki to find Mei when she is lost. I especially like Catbus's legs - the more legs, the more speed, right? Brilliant! (Even now, as I am typing this, Olivia has come in and seen the above photo. "Hey mom, that's you!" she says.)

I can't think of anything else to say at the moment, and, as Satsuki needs some attention, it is my Catbus duty to go play. Before she bellows and wakes up Mei.

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