24 June 2004

Woohoo - two in a row!

I can't recall the last time that I wrote for two consecutive days! Of course, there'll be lapse of about three or four days, now, to make up for this...

Tomorrow, I will be going on a Field Botany camping trip to Southern Illinois. I am taking this class (which is SO COOL) in hopes of learning a little bit about botany & other exciting earth sciences since dear old Alma Mater doesn't have a ethnobotany major (ethnobotany is the study of plants and the way that people use them).

Plus I like camping.

This will be a 3-day trip, and normally, Nathan would be able to go with me, but there is going to be a fundraiser at the Baha'i Center on Saturday in which he will be helping. Plus, he is working for a bottled water company right now, delivering bottled water.

I have a lot of weird little things to say, but all of them require much explanation... so I will choose my favorite:

After this past weekend (the Hip Hop PA weekend) I have felt really transformed. A lot of intense emotional time, as well as a 26+ hour round trip, has allowed cool insights to surface in my brain. However, often I think of transformation as an airy light-filled process - like a butterfly undergoes... the result being a beautiful winged creature.

However, THIS transformation has left me feeling like MOLTEN LAVA! Hot and powerful and full of potential.

Tre cool.

okay - sit with that.

love you all,



Nathan B said...

I did a double take when I saw you had posted these latest gems. Awesome. Thanks.

Bahiyyih said...

Hooray! I'm so happy to hear your voice in this place! And great to hear how you (and hip hop weekend) are doing!

Mara said...

Yay! Lizzy's back! I was beginning to despair... I miss you all back in the States so much. I missed you so much I started regularly reading all of your friends' blogs and have become totally addicted to Husayn's blog, as I relate --- or would really, really, really like to be relating, but that, of course, is another story.