23 June 2004

the afterlife is where we come from

The problem with spacing these out is thatt when I feel like writing - it all tumbles out.

Sort of like a really heavy rainstorm after months of drought.

I was walking out of the computer lab when the cover of a book that is stapled to a bulletin board in the Anthropology department - which alwyas cathes my eye - caught my eye.

The AFTERLIFE is where we come from

My friend Jessica Gaines is serving on the reservation (although I'm ashamed to say I can't say which one...) in South Dakota.

A Baha'i youth recently took his life there.

Death is a strange and sorrowful event. I fear it sometimes, but at other times - and I admit that these are rare - I feel almost comfortable with the idea.

We're only here for one hot minute.

And then we get going - we've got growth to do in the next world - that afterlife - that heaven - or, as it is in the Baha'i Writings, the Abha Kingdom.

Be that as it may - that comfort level I sometimes feel - if given a choice, I would opt for a few more years - there's still a lot of work to be done here. And a lot of that work is to be done by me.

Not in an egotistical sense - but that fact is that I've got stuff to do that no one else can.

So - I leave you with that - what do YOU have to do that NO ONE ELSE can do? I bet you'd be surprised to find out!

love so infinite that only the Infinite can give it,


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