23 June 2004


Hi there, bloggy. It's been a minute...

My teeth had a vigourous flossing t his morning, and my gums are retaliating by swelling up a bit - creating alovely gummy feeling in me mouth.

I think I am going to take on a new format with this - write just a smidge evrey day or two and so keep updated - it's a formidable task to write an insightful & deep entry each time...

Nathan and I have just returned from Little Pond (http://www.littlepond.org) in Pennsylvania where we attended a weekend on hip hop (or hipi hopi, in Portugese).

It was wonderful.

I met some really amazing friends, which made me realise that I miss having a diversity of personalities in my life. As I said to Nathan, I am not used to being the funkiest of all my friends...

By which I guess I mean I am not used to being the loudest and most outspoken...

And by which I don't mean that I dislike having quieter friends. My husband - of all people, my best friend - is quieter than I. I think, though, that I am at a point where I am craving diversity. And spiritual stimulation from my comrades.

And by which also I mean I miss my dear friends of old - who are now dispersed across the country and the globe.

It is amazing how close people can get in only a few hours/days/weeks/months and years.

So to all of you abroad (meaning anyone not here - not just international) - I am thinking of you!

much love, and until later,



Husayn said...

What do you mean by diversity? I find that everyone's diversity only increases the deeper you dig. Isn't everyone a door to God in some way?

lizington said...

Yes - I think that's true, Husayn.

What I meant by "diversity" of friends was more along the line of diversity in numbers.

Also, as there is work involved in any relationship, it is often easy to become discouranged with the amount of work and cultivation that certain friendships require. I find that I click much more easily with certain personalities than others - and it is often exhausting to develop a relationship to a point where it is mutually beneficial - especially relationships that are for the most part superficial - classmates & the like - and when the other party isn't as interested in working at it as you are. It is almost easier to leave that alone!

Husayn said...

Yeah, I'm with you on that sister. Thanks for clarifying.
On my Dad's blog someone posted about that Hidden Word where Baha'u'llah says "like attracts like", and it really struck me. It's so much easier to develop deep relationships with people that are more similar than not. Like today I had a really intense conversation (about loved ones we've lost recently and the inspiration that comes from seeing people dealing with intense hardship with dignity and humor) with a Muslim woman, and this was only the second time we've spoken. I think it was because we're similar in a lot of respects. Not in any outward sense in terms of how we were raised, but in the qualities we both value and try to express with others. I feel like I'm not communicating clearly today, so I hope this all made sense.

Jessica said...

I'm really experiencing the lack of diversity myself lately. I don't know how long I can take living in an area where all the relationships I'm surrounded by are not equal. I'm doing all the giving, and am not receiving very much at all....service is wonderful, but I need some support from other humans...it would so much easier (in a sense) if I were just married! I don't know how some of my friends continue to pioneer over seas by themselves. Amazing.