05 October 2009

My Brother's Wedding

This weekend, we welcomed a new member of the family on my side - my brother was married to Ms. Jessica Greenwalt, of Ohio fame.


The ceremony and reception were held in a beautiful lodge in Oak Openings MetroPark, which was a beautiful, serene setting for such a sacred event.

Here's a photo of Olivia gettin' down with my Gramma, who is in her 90th year.  Gramma stayed later than we did at the reception and word is, she got busy on the dance floor.  Yay, Gramma!

Elsie, on the other hand, was plumb tuckered out:

I wish I was still small enough to be carried around.

I think Olivia had the most fun with her cousin, Liam, who went for a walk in the woods with her:

One more photo - this time of the bride & groom (along with the mass of our family).  Can you find them in the red?


Jessica said...

SO CUTE!:D And you look VERY nice;)

Lizzy Q said...

I like how Olivia and Jessica seem to have an inside joke...

Kristin said...

I love the pics you posted! They make me feel like I was part of the celebration! Thanks for taking the time to post them :-)

Lizzy Q said...


We certainly missed you! Will you be in Ohio for Christmas this year? We hope to be there!