23 October 2009

Fluffy Babies

So I've been sewing the dresses for my sister-in-law, Bahiyyih's, upcoming wedding.  She will be married in Jamaica, and we are all going.

Which, of course, means that the three girl cousins absolutely HAVE to match.

Nathan is groaning in disgust at this very moment.  He HATES matching.

Here's a problem - wedding dresses are WAY too expensive.  So I'm making them from scratch.  With the help of the internet and DIY pages.

Here's one of the babies' dresses, not quite finished.  It is a most exciting dress for a three year-old, who tried it on:

and spun and spun:

But not so exciting for a baby who can't crawl in it.  It was fun to see standing up, but once she sat down, it was all over. 

Oh, well.  She only has to look fluffy for a little while, then she can be naked.  She is only a baby, after all.

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Sholeh said...

so cute!!!