18 August 2009

Teething Biscuits

Elsie now has three-and-a-half teeth. The half is visible, but you can't quite feel the sharpness of it, so we are designating it thus until it hurts. : )

It's a messy business, growing teeth for the first time, and painful, too, although mostly for the fingers, faces, and random appendages of those unfortunate souls who stray too close to Miss Elsie's vise-grip jaws.

So, to the relief of all involved, we've adopted teething biscuits. We get Healthy Times Maple Teething Biscuits, which are wheat-free and have no cane sugar. The only drawback is the gooey mess and the general smell of maple that attaches itself to Elsie, but believe me, I'll take that against chomping fingers any day.

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