20 August 2009

Playing with Goo

Don't be alarmed - there is no slime involved in this post. "Goo" is the name that Olivia has given my momma, and so when she came up to visit for a day, we all got our Goo fix.


Elsie is rocking back and forth all over the place, and I imagine she'll be crawling for real by next week. Which means I need to re-baby-proof. Which means I get to crawl around the house looking for things I can get into if I were a baby.

Here is Goo with Elsie. Apparently, she is ready to skip crawling and get to walking. Her latest trick is becoming so stiff that there is no bending her in the middle. Which is rather inconvenient for carseats...

Here is Goo with Olivia - standing, but the other way 'round.

Visits from mommas are always fun, especially when you are someone else's mama. I keep thinking ahead to what things will be like when I go to visit my girls when they are older... But I'm not quite ready to go there yet.

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