28 April 2008

Olivia Spots a Roach or Who's That Guy?

We have at least one sneaky cockroach in our apartment. Well, maybe it's gone now. We've all seen it. It seems to come out late at night and early in the morning to walk around the bathroom. We put down glue traps. Not only have we failed to catch a roach, we haven't seen any since then. It's as if the roaches know we are onto them and are being more careful.
So how did Olivia react to seeing her first roach? In the most appropriate way possible. She was sitting on her potty late at night--Liz had gone to bed and I was up with her. The roach appeared and walked toward Olivia. I picked her up and moved her out of the way. She looked down at it and said, loudly "Who's that guy?" I told her it was a bug. I don't know why but I didn't want to say "roach" as if it were a dirty word or something. If I had to come up with one question to ask about a solitary roach walking around in my house that could sum up all of my feelings and curiosities about it, that's exactly the question I would ask. "Who's that guy?" It says a lot. I mean, seriously, who is that guy?


Anonymous said...

I like that. I think I'll pick that up and start using it. None of my friends will know the secret source of my hip new lingo is Olivia.

Nathonius said...

more than welcome to it, man...that's how we make the world a better and more hip place.