28 April 2008


Olivia likes butter. Not on things or in things - she likes it straight, in all its glory.

I caught her today in the act of eating some. Well, I'll just let you watch for yourself:


Dena said...

that was hilarious! i liked the part with the lid the most. i think i'm gonna make a dance piece about this :)

Delara said...

oh. my. god. that was THE funniest thing i have seen in a looooong time! talk about butterfingers! haha! so precious. oh my. thank you for sharing it with us, liz!

Anonymous said...

That was really good. I mean I just tried, and eating butter is really good! I learn so much from your posts, keep up the good work.
It kept getting better, first unable to pick the lid up, then eating it of the lid... then cleaning it off at the end. Precious indeed.

Charla said...

Lizzo, I think I've watched this about 20 times. I swear you should enter it on "America's Funniest Home videos" or something like that. It is priceless. My speakers at my office don't work but I think it's just as funny without sound. I focus more on Olivia's "butterfingers"(good one, Delara.) -- so dainty as she eats her butt-tah. Lv, Charla