26 March 2008

Kohl's Children's Museum

Clifford, the Big Red Dog, was at the Children's Museum, so we went to visit. It was pretty interesting - mostly everything had an evil corporate sponsor (the little Dominick's grocery store was full of Kraft food boxes) - but they had a water room, and of course, a big red dog.

Olivia and Clifford

Olivia and Emily Elizabeth. Weird.

Captain Olivia steers the boat over the pretend water, with Mommy as a helper.

Olivia and Daddy play with boats in REAL water.
Thank goodness the museum provides waterproof aprons!

1 comment:

Vijay said...

Haaa! Mystery revealed to the absence of the Davis' in the neighborhood.

If you're up for visiting the Children's side of Chicago History Museum, let me know. Love to take you guys. Let us put the family pass to use.