07 March 2008

Far Away

All three of us have been various levels of sick for the past two weeks with this headcold/sinus thingy. A few nights ago we had all gone to bed early, but I woke up around Midnight or so and I couldn't fall back to sleep, so I got up and went into the other room to read. I heard Olivia (who now sleeps in her new Big Girl Bed adjacent to ours) stir, but she didn't start talking or crying so I left the room and sat on the couch with my book. About ten minutes later I hear Olivia's little, tired voice coming from the bedroom. She says, "Daddy is far away. Daddy is far away." I go back into the room hoping to save Liz from having to wake up. But when I tell her that I'm here and it's okay she just keeps repeating the phrase. "Daddy is far away. Daddy is far away." I lay next to her on her bed and find that her eyes are closed and she appears to still be asleep. I tell her again "Daddy's right here Olivia, he's not far away." She replies, still with her eyes closed. "Daddy is far away. Daddy is far away." Finally I convince her that I am actually there, and she rolls to her side and continues sleeping, calmly.
So in the morning I asked her if she remembered saying "Daddy is far away" the night before. She replied, pointing up, "Daddy is far away, to the ceiling." I couldn't tell if she was saying "to" the ceiling or "through" the ceiling. But she said it with conviction, so it must have been true. I wonder what I was doing . . .

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