05 February 2008

Pigs in a Blanket

We recently spent the day at a hotel to celebrate our five-year anniversary (yay!), and actually spent most our time playing on the “big bed” (as Olivia termed the tall king sized bed). Jumping was of course the favorite activity, but as we wound down for the day, playing tent & hiding under the covers was fun, too.

Here’s an excerpt of some of Olivia’s calming exercise, where she repeats to herself the parts of “This Little Piggy” that she can remember.

The script reads (as best as I can transcribe it):

"[This little piggy] ... went to market
this little piggy [went] to town
an' this little piggy went
wee'le-wee wee'le all the way home!"

(with the Super Bowl commentator in the background)

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