29 August 2014

Travel Day 3 - New York, Finally!

It's been a crazy day.  Here's what happened, in photos:

We woke up in Washington, D.C. and ate breakfast.  We packed up, took a taxi to the station, and caught our train to NYC.  We got to sit in Business Class!

Here is a photo of Baltimore, Maryland:

Here are some photos from Delaware:

Here is Olivia and I:

Nathan was asleep through most of Philadelphia:

Here is Trenton, New Jersey:

And here is Newark, New Jersey:

In New York, we arrived at Penn Station.  We caught a taxi to the Baha'i Center, where we were planning to store our belongings while we looked at apartments.

Here is a street shot from the taxi:

We made it to the Baha'i Center:

where we visited with our friend, Mikey:

But our broker cancelled our appointment.

We gathered up our things, and walked to the train station.  We took the L train from Union Station to Dekalb in Bushwick, in Manhattan.

We arrived at our friends' home in the evening, and settled in quite nicely.  We have our own little room, with an airbed, a couch, and a small bedroll.  Our windows face south and west, so the room is rather warm, but we can see the Empire State Building and the One World Trade Center from our windows.

We are looking forward to finding a place soon!!

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