26 August 2010

Stories From the Third Floor

I found this unposted snippet from several years ago as I was cleaning out files - I think I wrote it probably in December 2008 - before Elsie was even thought about.  It's funny to reflect on the same challenges with two kids - Elsie is at the same climbing stage...


We live on the top level of a three-story courtyard building.  Now, that may not sound so exciting, but when you are a short toddler trying to navigate stairs, that means a lot - notably about 4 minutes, which is 3 minutes and 30 seconds more than your mom sometimes wants to spend on the stairs.

And when you add new boots, which are warm and waterproof and almost engulf your entire leg up to your knee, then increase that time twofold.  Sort of like cinder blocks tied to your shoes.  I think it is comparable to those dreams where you are trying to run on the train tracks and the engine is bearing down on you and it feels as though your feet are trapped in a soggy mire.   Only without the panic.   I hope.

It's amazing what sorts of things your child's memory latches on to during your time together.  Once, in a local hospital, we peered over the edge of a second-level balcony into the lobby below - this particular area had a wall of water and a tall grove of bamboo indoors.  I remarked on the use of bamboo as a greenery choice.  Just in passing.  No real discussion or thesis or anything of the sort.   I probably said it once and was finished.

That evening, however, as we completed our trek from the bottom floor to our apartment door, Olivia seized onto the slats of our wooden balcony and peered through as best she could, pointing a quick finger to the air below and announcing proudly "baboo!"  To this day, regardless of our discussions on the nature and/or presence of bamboo, she will occasionally look down through the lofty heights and announce that she, miraculously, has seen a bit of grassy greenery below.  Amazing.

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