05 July 2010

Pony Party

Marketer's Dream:
Perfectly Popular Product is a smash hit with generation of little girls.  Product moves to the background as little girls grow up and into other products.  Sad marketers, sad product bide their time and watch as big girls grow up more and become mommies.  Mommies with babies, and then children.  Children who are little girls.  Happy marketers re-launch Perfectly Popular Product with a "new look" to fit in with the new times, and product is consumed completely by new little girls with mothers full of nostalgia.  Ecstatic marketers twirl and spin in a field full of light and showers of dollar bills.


Olivia is four and loves horses.  We can't afford a real one (where would it sleep?), but we CAN afford My Little Ponies.  You can even comb and braid their ridiculously long manes.  Which is just what we did.  The old and the new:

Pony Party!!

1 comment:

kari said...

i LOVE my little ponies! LOVE 'em. and every time i see them at target i just want to buy 'em and pass 'em on to the little ones in my life. LOVE THEM.